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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

Welcome to the “From Here Everything” website, which is one of the largest leading online classifieds advertising platforms as it provides an opportunity for sellers to advertise their products and services under a large number of sections. The same is true for buyers where they get the opportunity to search for their needs and communicate directly with sellers to purchase products And services advertised.

These terms of use define the nature of the agreement between you as a user and the “From Here Everything” website “”, as they govern your use of the products and services that we offer through our website and our smart applications.

* This agreement provides important information for you that includes information about your responsibility for your content, determining our responsibility towards you and your consent to settle any disputes through individual arbitration, and also waiving the right to participate in any invitation that was classified against the “From Here Everything” site or any of Affiliated companies. By accessing the “From Here Everything” platform, you agree to the following conditions:

The “From Here Everything” website provides a translation of the Arabic version of the terms of use in other languages for your convenience, except that only the Arabic version is approved. Moreover, if there is a conflict between the Arabic version of the terms of use and any other translation thereof, the Arabic version is the main reference.

Your account:

Obtaining some of the services on the “From Here Everything” website requires you to create your own account through your e-mail and a password that you set, and this e-mail will be the certified mail, while you will be responsible for the confidentiality of your account password. You are responsible for all of its activities. In order to do this, it is necessary to protect the private password and choose a password that is difficult to access by others. In our turn, we advise all users to put their first and last name in the “username” field, and it is prohibited to use names such as: “From here everything” or fromhereeverything or and so on.

You can also log in and create an account on the site through the services of other “third parties” such as (Facebook), which authorize us to access, store and use your private information according to it being a service that is permitted to be accessed as explained in our privacy policy. In the event that your account has been compromised or used in a wrong way, please contact our customer service team immediately.

Use the “From Here Everything” website:

You can post on any of our sections while avoiding the following:

  • Violating any laws or any point of our prohibited content policy
  • Post false or misleading ads
  • Violating any of the rights of any other party
  • Posting any spam, chain letters, or hierarchical marketing schemes.
  • Spreading viruses or any other technology that harms the site or the interests and property of users or anyone.
  • Any act of sabotage, such as attempts to block the service or impose an unreasonable burden on the site’s infrastructure.
  • Copying, modifying, or posting someone else’s content
  • Use any prohibited means to access the site’s database and collect content for any purpose, including bots, network spiders, and similar methods.
  • Collecting information about other users, including private e-mail or any other personal information.
  • Exceed procedures used to prevent or restrict access to the site.
  • Using personal information about other people without their explicit consent

Blocked content:

Any advertisement containing one or more of the prohibited matters below will be deleted, once the banned is identified, and the site reserves the right to permanently delete the user’s account, put it on the black list, or inform the competent authorities to apply the necessary law:

  • Alcoholic beverages, wines, tobacco products, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, intoxicants, medicines and analgesics, or even direct or indirect links to materials, products or services that the law prohibits circulation (for food supplements, slimming products, and cosmetic creams, a copy must be provided with the approval of the Food and Drug Administration).
  • Natural or artificial human organs, including blood and body fluids as well.
  • Prostitution or any other services, including it, violate the provisions of the law in an unethical manner or improper representation of women, which would violate contemporary standards of morals and morals in Arab societies. ·
  • Religious materials, including books, antiques, etc., or any information or description of any of these materials that affects the religious feelings of any person or group. ·
  • Sexual tools and suggestion (including: the gestures of slavery and idols) or depictions of the genitals, etc. ·
  • Antiquities or treasures forbidden to be traded under any applicable law.
  • Information and material indicating slander, defamation, threat, or even abuse.
  • Falsified information about the nature or manner of using products and services.
  • Counterfeit or stolen goods or illegal and authorized services.
  • Goods, materials and services that violate the rights and intellectual property of any third party, or even the privacy of any person.
  • Transfer of electronic computer viruses or any program that would pirate and destroy computer systems and withdraw personal data.
  • Your information should not include any content that is offensive to users and / or animals
  • Hazardous chemicals and pesticides
  • Fireworks, explosives, explosive devices, and other inflammable and dangerous materials
  • Personal documents, financial records, and any personal information, including mailing lists
  • Lottery tickets, horse racing betting, and slot machines.
  • Police and army equipment such as badges, uniforms, coats, weapons, and other materials that are prohibited from being circulated.
  • Posting advertisements for sites or companies competing with the “From here everything”
  • Weapons and related tools (such as: firearms, ammunition, tear gas, rifles, and sharp tools)
  • Hierarchical marketing services and schemes to defraud users.
  • Posting 18+ classified video game ads (such as GTA, God of War, etc.)
  • Fake projects (such as: get rich quick and work from home)
  • Choosing the wrong sections and subsections (such as: advertising a dining table in the office furniture section).
  • Endangered or ferocious animals
  • Advertisements for loans, financing, and commercial facilities companies.
  • Cars not designated for rent (private cars)
  • It is allowed to post advertisements of “workers for assignment” on the site only for licensed offices or companies
  • Tattoos and accessories
  • Adding advertisements containing “Transfer of sponsorship.”
  • Drone advertisements and accessories

Misuse of “From Here Everything”:

Please use the alert system to inform us of any problems or inappropriate content to work together to maintain the correct course of the services provided by the site. In our turn, we will end our services towards those who misuse the site, remove their content, and take legal measures to preserve the rights of other users. In the event that any of these measures are taken, the site is not responsible for the nature of any inappropriate content that was published and the consequences thereof. Therefore, by using the “from here everything” site, you agree as a user to be responsible for the content that you include on the site. From here everything “directly.

The following practices are prohibited when posting on the “From Here Everything” website:

  • Create more than one account
  • Posting duplicate ads
  • Delete ads and repost them frequently
  • Posting ads with misleading titles, content and images
  • Posting ads with wrong or inappropriate images
  • Posting ads in wrong sections
  • Posting ads with unreasonable rates
  • Posting ads with links redirecting to other websites
  • Upload pictures containing names, phone numbers, and any other words
  • Posting ads that contain prepayment or bank transfer options
  • Posting general content ads or general promotional content
  • Posting ads containing multiple commodities
  • Posting wearable items without uploading images
  • Posting fraudulent ads and fake ads
  • Upload images containing the same ad text or images of other companies’ logos within the images for the advertisement
  • Posting ads containing the word “maid / maids / servants” and replacing it with “male or female workers”
  • It is not allowed to modify the featured advertisement to sell another good / product or service, and the featured advertisement can only be modified 3 times


The “From Here Everything” website contains matters provided by the site itself and the users as well. As a user of the site, you agree not to copy, modify or publish our property rights and trademarks. And when you publish any of your content to us, you give us a permanent right that is not canceled to apply the rights and policy of content and publishing followed on the site, and if you feel that your private rights are being violated please inform our customer service department and we will verify the matter, and we still have the right to remove any content on it. Violation of any of our Terms of Use or the rights of the other party.

Safe handling tips:

You can buy and sell through the “From Here Everything” website by finding the item you want to buy first, then contact the advertiser through the available communication methods and inquire about what you want, and agree on the sale and delivery process, so that the sale is safe without fraud. Please be sure. From the presence of a real commodity, inspecting it, not sending any cash to any party without making sure of the advertiser and the commodity, and it is preferable to communicate with the advertiser and meet him on the ground, and to avoid prepayment and shipping that take place, you can follow the following tips and steps when buying and selling on the site “from here everything”:

  1. Choose your seller wisely.
  2. Do not deliver any money before obtaining the service provided by the seller.
  3. Ask for actual product photos.
  4. Knowing the condition of the product. (Ask them for all major and minor inquiries about the advertisement such as (product status, reason for selling, and product details).
  5. Make sure of the product price so that it is within the reasonable limits (if you have any idea how to price the product you can do a quick search to get an idea of the price).
  6. Use secure payment methods.

You can remember the following information before meeting with a seller or buyer:

  • Inspecting the product before purchasing to ensure that it is safe and that there is no defect in it.
  • Do not deliver any money before obtaining the service provided by the seller.
  • Confirming the meeting place to deliver or receive the product.
  • Inquire fully about the product from the seller before purchasing.

Note: “From Here Everything” is not responsible for the buying and selling that takes place between advertisers, as we are just an intermediary between the seller and the buyer to display free classified ads.

You can find out who is fraudulent, by suspicion of any unsafe sales attempts or by fraudsters if:

  • The advertisements for the displayed item included images displayed from the Internet (not real).
  • If the price is very low (compared to the local market prices).
  • When you ask for additional pictures about the product, they are not available from the seller.
  • When inquiring about details about any item of the advertisement, he gives many inconsistent answers.
  • When asked to meet with them to preview the product or deliver it, they present too many excuses.
  • Insist on transferring your money … quickly!

You can report fraudsters by contacting us immediately, if you doubt the reliability of a user’s advertisement on the “From Here Everything” website. Additionally, we encourage you to go to the police if you fall into a fraud trap. We are ready to provide the police with any information serving the investigation, upon their official request. Hurry to fill out an application to be able to suspend the person’s account after carrying out the necessary investigations.

Reporting violations of intellectual property rights:

Users are prohibited from posting any content that violates the property rights of third parties; This includes, but is not limited to; Violating intellectual property and trademark rights (such as advertising fake materials for sale). We have the right to remove any content that violates the terms of our publishing policy and protect the rights of others. And in the event that you feel that one of our ads violates your property and trademark rights, all you have to do then is to inform our customer service department, and only the owner of these rights can submit a report against the terms and advertisements that may affect him.

Fees and services:

In general, advertising on “from here everything” is free of charge, but we charge fees for some of the services that we provide to users. And if you use one of the services on which we charge a fee, you will be required to review and agree to it, and the payment is made either in the local currency or in US dollars, and we may change this mechanism from time to time, and in turn we inform you of any change to the payment policy by publishing it on the site, and it may We choose some changes to the payment method temporarily when posting promotions or new services. On the other hand, these fees are not refundable and you must pay them, and if you do not do so, we will revoke the validity of the service you used.

Advertising agencies:

This term refers to the third party, which is the agent or the service, or publishing the content of my services on behalf of others, and the policy of “From Here Everything” prohibits such advertisement, whether directly or indirectly without obtaining a written permission from the “From Here Everything” website . In addition, it is prohibited to publish advertisements on behalf of the concerned parties unless there is a written permission or license from the site itself.

Waivers and limits of liability:

The services of the “from here everything” site are provided as they exist or as they are available, and as a user, you agree not to hold the site responsible for any content posted by other users, including but not limited to: advertisements or direct messages between users. Also, the site does not guarantee the accuracy of advertisements, existing means of communication, the extent of safety, or even compliance with the laws in it, because most of what is published on the site is by users, in addition to not guaranteeing continuous access to services, and there is no first-hand alert system about services and this Out of our control; Including postponement or delay due to your geographic location or internet situation. In accordance with the legal permissible limit, we disclaim any express or implied warranties, statements and conditions that include quality, merchantability, nature of commercial circulation, durability and suitability for the purpose for which it was made. Also, we are not responsible for any loss of money (including profit), good reputation, or any special or indirect damages resulting from your use of the site, even if we were informed of this or we expected such thing to happen. Also, some jurisdictions do not allow waiver of warranties or exclusion of damages, so such waivers and exclusions may not apply to you.

* In spite of all this, if we find ourselves responsible towards you or any third party (whether in the contract or any other methods), our liability is limited and limited to the most between (a) the sum of what was paid through you for our paid services in favor of your account on the site directly During the 3-month period preceding the act of liability, or (b) 20 USD.


You will be required to provide compensation to any third party who files a complaint against you, including any sums owed to him, whether upon settlement or for what was previously granted, in addition to the legal costs incurred by any of the insured parties, which resulted from your use of the site “From here everything” And violating one of the terms of use and applicable laws, and neither the site nor the managers nor the employees nor the officials working on the site will be responsible for any of these compensation, and the site reserves the right to defend and control any legal matter, and this does not mean that you are exempt from the obligation to pay these compensation.

personal information:

When you use the “from here everything” site, you agree to the collection, transfer, storage and use of your personal information on various other sites by the site.

Website portfolio “From here everything:”

It is a prepaid system that allows registered members of the “From Here Everything” website to buy credit to be used to purchase the services provided by “From Here Everything”. The “From Here Everything” website wallet balance is not exchanged for money, and the user cannot earn interest or financial profits.

  • Only reputable registered members are entitled to purchase credits and use the “From Here Everything” website wallet.
  • All purchased “From Here Everything” wallet balances are final and irrevocable.
  • The “From Here Everything” website reserves the right to stop selling wallet balances or change the cost, as well as the way in which the registered user can buy, store or use the website’s wallet balances “From here everything”

Note: The rate of 2% – 4% is increased by banks, and that is the ratio of currency conversion from the dollar to the local currency, according to the local exchange rate

A user of the “From Here Everything” website can use the wallet to purchase any of the following products or services:

  • Featured ads
  • Republish
  • Premium Memberships
  • Shops
  • Any other services that can be made available in the future through the “From Here Everything” website
  • Registered users cannot use their balances in the “From Here Everything” website wallet to buy products and services that are not offered through the “From here everything” site or buy goods and services provided by other users of the site.
  • A registered user of the “From Here Everything” website cannot transfer his balance in the “From Here Everything” website to another user of the site.
  • There is no validity period for any of the “From Here Everything” wallet balances purchased from a registered user. However, in the event that the user’s account is inactive or suspended in any way, all of the website’s wallet balances will be automatically forfeited.
  • The site reserves the right to confiscate or cancel any of the wallet balances that were purchased directly or indirectly, or that were obtained through fraudulent or illegal methods without the need for notice to the user.
  • If the management of the “From Here Everything” site finds reasons or evidence confirming that any of the users has violated one of the terms of use of the wallet or other terms of use of the site, it will resort to: (a) Preventing the use of the “From Here Everything” website, and / Or (b) delete and / or modify advertisements, whether paid or free.
  • By using the “From Here Everything” website wallet, you agree that, at any time and without prior notice, the “From Here Everything” website may update, change, or discontinue in whole or in part any of the contents and services, including the website wallet. “from here everything” or these terms and conditions. Any update, change or suspension shall be effective immediately upon posting it on the “From Here Everything” website, whether on its platform or services.
  • The “From Here Everything” website maintains an absolute right to control, cancel, manage, modify, and regulate content, services, technology, platform and all matters related to the “From Here Everything” website portfolio, as the website management sees “From Here Everything” is appropriate. He is not responsible for his exercise of any of these rights.
  • The “From Here Everything” site may perform audits for any of the “From Here Everything” website wallet accounts for any of the site’s users in order to verify possible errors in the system or to verify any potential violations or have been reported, for any of the terms and policies And the rules in force on the site “From here everything”
  • Any dispute related to the “From Here Everything” website should be reported within (24) hours starting from the time the user discovers the existence of a problem. Otherwise, the user has waived his right to file any lawsuit against the “From here everything” website.

All problem reports that are sent to the “From Here Everything” website must include, as a minimum, the following information:

  • user name
  • E-mail
  • The mobile number registered on the “From Here Everything” website
  • Total portfolio balances from the disputed “From Here Everything” website (if any)
  • A description of the problem
  • The date and time of the problem
  • Request correction or compensation
  • All other information relevant to the report
  • The user acknowledges and agrees that he is not entitled to use his balance in the “From Here Everything” website wallet in a field other than purchasing services provided from the “From Here Everything” website only. Whereas, when you buy credit in the “from here everything” website wallet, you use it within the limits of personal and revocable privileges as explained in these terms and conditions, and you are not entitled to transfer this privilege to another user.
  • The “From Here Everything” website is not responsible for any failure in the user’s failure to receive any communication, update, offers, or any information related to the website’s “From Here Everything” wallet services and the uses of its balance.
  • “From Here Everything” website reserves the right to suspend, stop or terminate the “From Here Everything” website at any time, without prior notice.
  • Determining the user’s eligibility to benefit from or use the services of the “From Here Everything” website wallet is subject to these terms and conditions. Just as any inquiries or problems related to this wallet and its uses are solved by the administration of the “From Here Everything” website at its discretion.
  • Bad behavior, fraud, falsification of information, misuse or access to the website wallet service “From Here Everything”, and failure to follow any of these provisions will cause the immediate termination of the user’s account without prejudice to the other legal rights of the “From Here Everything” website. Moreover, the site will not be responsible for any risk, loss, damage, account or claim that arises due to the complete suspension of the account.

All of these terms and policies advertised on the “From Here Everything” website constitute an agreement between you and the site to replace any previous agreement, while this agreement is subject to the laws in force in England. This will never affect your legal rights if you are a consumer, and this requires applying another law (such as the law of the country of residence) to certain matters, and if we do not stipulate certain provisions, we will not waive our rights to do so at a later time. And if the court canceled any of these conditions, the rest of the other conditions will remain, and in our turn we reserve the right to automatically assign or reassign this agreement according to the terms of the notice below.

The “From Here Everything” website has the right at any time and at the sole discretion of the site to refuse, move or delete any content or membership. The “From Here Everything” website has the right to verify the content of any advertisement by requesting official papers (commercial registration, trade licenses, practicing professions, personal identity) to prove the concerned party and document the account.

We will send notifications to your email address that you set, or the one with which you previously registered. Notices sent by official mail require five business days after the date of dispatch.

The site has the right to update the usage agreement at any time, which will be effective when you first enter the site after updating the agreement or 30 days have passed since the agreement was updated, whichever is sooner. You can send your inquiries, comments or complaints to our customer service team.

Terms of use via mobile phones:

If you use the “From Here Everything” site through our mobile application, then this Terms of Use Agreement and the Privacy Policy published on the site apply to you, in addition to the privacy policy related to the mobile phone, the legal notice and the license agreement from the client. Your use of the application confirms your acceptance of these terms of use.

Application Usage:

The “From Here Everything” site gives you the right to personal use its application, so you must comply with all applicable laws and the terms of the third party agreement (such as: the Wireless Network Service Agreement). The application may not contain all the functions and services provided by the “From Here Everything” website, and you can download and use the “From Here Everything” website application so that you are responsible for any damages that may affect your device or data loss resulting from downloading and using it.

Intellectual property – applications: “From Here Everything” website owns all rights, ownership and interests of its applications, including patent rights, copyright, secrets and trademarks, and all other property rights that include additions, updates and modifications to its applications. It is also not permissible to modify, translate or prepare business models from deconstructing code, software engineering, symbols, or otherwise attempting to derive symbols from another application, and it is also not permissible to remove, hide or change the copyright, trademark and intellectual property notices present and contained within or upon accessing Any of the “From Here Everything” website applications