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  • How can I pay with bank deposit?

    1. The first step: deposit or transfer You can use bank transfer and deposit to pay by sending it to our accounts in the following local banks: Al-Rajhi Bank Account name: Sabah Abdul Latif Hassan Ahmed Account number: 276608010943899 2. The second step: Contact us After depositing or transferring the required amount for the service, the notification was sent to the following agencies: Email: Or on WhatsApp to the following number: 00966532189149 Please make sure to attach a copy of the bank deposit or transfer number with the message, in addition to attaching the phone number or e-mail to the account to be activated for the service with the message or for which the commission was paid. The service will be activated in 24 hours if required.

  • How can I pay with Visa or Master cards?

    You can pay using Visa and MasterCard cards, by choosing the service you want to purchase, then choosing the preferred payment method (payment by Visa and MasterCard). You will see several fields that must be filled in with your card information, and the information that must be entered are: 1. Card number: Your credit card number. 2. Expiry Date: The expiration date of the card. 3. Card holder: The name of the card holder as recorded on it. 4. CVV: The verification code "the last three digits on the back of your credit card".

  • How can I pay with Paypal?